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SF Street Blues
Recorded in  2006  is my 4th solo CD.
I made this recording in response to a lot of people who've asked for a blues CD that sounds just what they hear on my solo show-vocals, guitar and harp in a rack. It's a mix of original and traditional blues songs played live in the studio through vintage amplifiers. 13 of the 18 songs have no overdubs-The other 5 are more of a full band setting.
 Maria Muldaur guests on 2 songs.
Sidewalk Boogie !
Released in spring 2008 . 10 of the 17 songs are my original blues. The styles range from acoustic Delta Blues played on a national steel guitar to a couple of  rockin' boogie songs with a more arranged sound. Harmonica on all cuts-
Diatonic, XB-40, Chromatic and Bass harmonica.
This CD is the 1st time since 1993 that I've recorded hand held amplified harp. Other songs feature my rack harp sound.
Musical guests include Steve FreundGary Smith and 
Mark Hummel .

Most of this all acoustic album was recorded in 2010. I sing and play acoustic guitar and harmonica as well as a few other instruments.
The songs cover a nice variety of Blues and Boogie Woogie styles and there's a special vocal contribution from blues great Brownie McGee.Muddy Waters band alumni Francis Clay and Pinetop Perkins are each on 1 cut.

Mandolin Blues
This acoustic blues album was recorded 2012. It ranges in style from 1920's string band pieces to Johnny Young Style Chicago Blues.
It has 13 vocal songs and 8 instrumentals.
Musical guests include Butch Waller, Suzie Thompson, Brian Judd, Larry Chung, Kevin Zuffi, Kedar Roy, Libby McClaren and Maria Muldaur. Paul Revelli play drums on all cuts. 11 of the 21 pieces have Bass Harmonica on them.
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Big City Blues
This CD was released summer 2009.
I play harp on 10 of the cuts and the others I concentrate on my electric blues guitar playing. Special guests Ron Thompson and Steve Freund add some tasty guitar to a few cuts.
All cuts have full accompaniment:bass, drums (the incomparable Paul Revelli) piano etc.. Several cuts have big horn arrangments.
Blues Instrumentals
I play electric guitar and amplified harp on a nice set of instrumental blues. Guests include Steve Freund, Ron Thompson, Caroline Dahl, Mark Hummel, Paul Revelli and Francis Clay. All cuts have full accompaniment, bass, drums, piano etc.. One song has big horns.
"Let's Hook Up"
"Up on the Real"
"Out in the Cold"
"Hard Hearted Woman"
"The Blues Will Never Die"
 Pinetop Perkins on Piano
"Dave's Stomp"
"Street Boogie"
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Rockin Blues
This CD is loaded with blues with a rock and roll twist.
I play electric guitar, harmonica and bass. I'm backed by drums, piano, Hammond B-3 and many of the songs have a cool horn section.Nancy Hall sings a great lead on one song.
Guests include Paul Revelli, Steve Lucky and Steve Freund.

Harmonica Blues
This straight ahead Chicago Blues CD is comprised of 9 brand new cuts and 6 from my now out of print SF Bay Blues Volume 1. Featured guests are Steve Freund and Maria Muldaur, Aki Kumar, Michael Peloquin, Tye Smith.
"Mando Boogie"
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Uptown Guitar Blues
Released Summer of 2014 this CD pays tribute to the classic electric guitar styles of T-Bone Walker, Albert Collins, Freddie King and BB King. 
Big horn section on 10 of the 15 cuts.
Kenney Blue Ray and Ron Thompson also add some tasty guitar. 
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Bluegrass, Country and Old-Time Music
"Scratch My Back"
Features Maria Muldaur on Vocals

"Let's Work Together"
"San Francisco Stomp"

"Party Girl"
Waterfront Blues                                                                    
Released November 2017, 14 cuts, mostly electric blues. 
I play electric guitar, harmonica, mandolin, bass and organ. A few tracks from the archives feature Mississippi Johnny Waters, Francis Clay and Brownie McGee plus 9 brand new cuts. Styles range from early Chicago 
Blues to B.B. King style Memphis Blues.
Additional guests include R.W. Grigsby and Beth Grigsby from "Red's Blues"and Jim Pugh
"Linda Lou"
Sung by Johnny Waters
I'll Play the Blues For You
Released January 2023

"Dave Earl takes us on a tour de force of our favorite Chicago blues, from Elmore to Muddy to Little Walter, all done with real love of the music and beautiful vocals. Very cool record!" Steve Freund
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songs each
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I'm Ready
I play guitar and harmonica. Artie Chavez Drums, Kevin Zuffi Piano, Greg Roberts Bass
Lights Out
Tribute to the great Little Walter

Elmore's Contribution
I play guitar. 
Artie Chavez Drums 
Kevin Zuffi Piano
Greg Roberts Bass 
Gary Regina on Saxophone